We put science into the art of marketing

Berry Thompson is a technology and data science company set up to help organisations build more customer value at less marketing cost



Understanding your current capabilities for customer knowledge and technology, and analysing what is needed to support your future marketing


Applying specific analyses and technologies to provide solutions that optimise performance


Creation of objective performance measurement tools to allow effective evaluation

About Us

Business Analysis, Applied Data Science, Single Customer View and Optimisation Technology
Putting science into the art of marketing

We opened our doors for business in June 2014 with a vision to build ground breaking technology for marketers, backed up by strong data science capabilities.

The main focus on the technology side has been on building a cloud based single customer view solution called UniFida that joins on-line and offline customer behaviour, and supports customer dashboards and customer CRM.

In addition, we have built optimisation solutions for marketing budget allocation and individual customer contact.

As data scientists we have completed many projects including:

- modelling the interests and purchase propensities of the customers of the largest UK discount bookseller
- developing the capability for a global reinsurer to predict customers most at risk of attrition
- introducing marketing budget allocation optimisation at a loan and a life insurance company
- interpreting scanner, mobile phone and market research information to deliver visitor activity and intention reports for a large central London retail landlord

Multi-channel marketing is developing at a rapid pace and our ambition is to help our clients stay empowered and ahead in this challenging environment.


We work with businesses of all sizes across a range of industry verticals. Below are some examples:


Our biggest asset, our experienced team deliver exceptional results
Julian Berry
Julian Berry
Having started my direct marketing career at Christian Brann Ltd, I then worked in senior direct marketing roles at Centre-file/ NatWest and LTSB. Subsequently I became a direct marketing consultant with an interest in statistics.
Anthony Antoniou
Anthony Antoniou
I am an analyst with a commercial focus and a desire to deliver high quality and effective work to my clients. I have extensive experience in Direct Marketing, working to evolve and improve strategies across successive campaigns.
I am a versatile developer with a first class degree in Information Systems, and have eight years’ experience working on a variety of projects from conception to delivery.
Corali de Wit
Corali de Wit
Marketing & Communication Manager with B2B & B2C experience, Lead Generation, Websites Management, Contents Management and Email Marketing
Paul Rowson
Paul Rowson
An experienced marketing analyst with strong business awareness and communication skills. These attributes have facilitated the successful delivery of a vast number of analysis projects for a wide range of clients.
Greta Paa-Kerner
Greta Paa-Kerner
Marketing professional with 20+ years experience. My current focus is on helping companies develop their online marketing strategy across all digital channels.