October 24, 2016

Market Accelerator


Developing the right capabilities to grow your on-line and off-line customers, and improve marketing ROI

How we help?

We align your customer knowledge and technology development pathways with your business objectives

We review your online marketing to grow lead generation and conversion

We minimise your marketing costs through diagnosing what tools you really need, and how best to source them

We adjust how you allocate your marketing budget to optimise customer value

We audit your readiness for GDPR, and plan what action you need to take

How we do it?

We start by analysing:

  • The key problems and issues you present
  • Your marketing and customer journey objectives
  • Your current marketing assets and capabilities

We identify the key gaps

We work out with you a marketing development plan

And assess the return on marketing investment that this implies

Specific areas we look at

  • Overall marketing spend allocation
  • Campaign planning and targeting
  • Customer data
  • Customer knowledge and insight
  • Marketing spend evaluation
  • Technology tools
  • People and skills
  • Readiness for GDPR
  • Capabilities for on-line marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Interactions with your brand
    • Conversion processes
    • Ongoing engagement