February 24, 2017

Virtual Data Science Resourcing Terms of Service

Virtual data science resourcing from Berry Thompson provides an approach whereby organisations can contract a fixed amount of statistical resource with additional mentoring by a business consultant.

Conditions of contract:

  • You decide on the number of days per week and the months that you want the contract to run for
  • We cannot guarantee that we will have availability for the combination you want, but we will discuss with you what we are able to provide.
  • We select a statistician, the choice being subject to your agreement, and which actual days in each week he/she will work for you
  • The contracted statistician days are the actual days you will receive after we have allowed for holidays, sickness and bank holidays. Statisticians will only work whole days for you.
  • The business consultant days are calculated at ¼ of the statistician days; the contract is for the combination of statistician and business consultant. The business consultant can work part days for you.
  • If you need extra days, on an ad hoc basis, we will try to accommodate you, and if we can the day rates will remain unchanged – Charges will be rendered quarterly in advance and must be paid within 30 days
  • VAT will be added to all charges, but otherwise the fee is fixed and there are no extra charges except for travelling to your offices for meetings if they are out of London
  • We will provide a service agreement prior to starting work which will exclude any liability for consequential loss

What we provide:

  • The statistician and business consultant for eight hours per day charged
  • Accommodation for our team at our offices which are at WeWork, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD. (You are most welcome to visit our team at this address).
  • Hardware and software for the statistician and business consultant
  • Full time employment for our statistician including PAYE and NI
  • Your own SFTP site for data transfers
  • Landline for access to our team
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover up to £2m
  • Our own servers located in our office where your data is stored
  • Monthly review meetings with your business consultant

What you provide:

  • Job briefs for all data science tasks
  • Data for analysis
  • A key person for contact in case of questions about the work