On-Site Insight

Providing an ‘on-site insight’ department for Agencies and Marketing Services companies

Berry Thompson are now offering to build you an insight department within your company, using a mix of our resources and analysts employed directly by yourselves.

The rational for this approach is as follows:

  • Senior insight managers are expensive and very hard to recruit; Berry Thompson will provide a part time FTE on the basis of their doing one or two days per week for you
  • The manager will be responsible for interpreting the business’ needs for insight into clear insight design briefs, and for ensuring that the insight department delivers to your requirements
  • The statistical analysts required to undertake much of the insight work will be employees of your company, working on your premises, but they will be recruited and managed by Berry Thompson
  • If the employed resource is not sufficient Berry Thompson can provide ad hoc addition resource at external day rates
  • Berry Thompson will act as mentor for the analysts and will quality assure their work
  • All work is done on your premises using your hardware and software so your clients’ data security is not threatened
  • However the analysts will share your culture, and will gain a long term in depth understanding of your business and your clients
  • And if Berry Thompson are not providing value you can give us notice, and continue to employ the analysts

Our commercial approach is as follows:

  • We will undertake an initial analysis of the level of insight requirements you have, and hence the level of resources needed
  • Following this we can present you with a detailed annual budget to cover the part time use of one of our senior insight managers, hardware and software, recruitment costs and employee costs
  • We will charge a management fee of 25% of the employee costs, but that will still leave you with a very much lower day rate than buying insight in from external suppliers (we calculate the cost saving at 40% of the conventional cost)
  • You will commit to an annual contract for the Berry Thompson, and to a fixed monthly fee, payable in advance, unless the number of analysts you employ changes