Can you escape from analysis paralysis?

For many marketeers, a significant part of their day is spent pulling together reports from disparate data sources, and then trying to extract from them the metrics they need

Are you losing customers to your competition?

Are you leaving the competition an open door through which they can capture your best customers?                                                   Most organisations will protest that they are not, and a sizeable proportion of these will[…]

Online order attribution now available in UniFida

UniFida can now provide a reporting feature that attributes on-line orders to paid and unpaid media. This enables marketers to view for any specified time period the ROI obtained from each category of paid media. click through to .ppt ‘UniFida online attribution’

Solving the challenge of allocating recruitment budgets

For many organisations this is the time of year when the recruitment budget allocation process gets careful consideration, and with the multitude of available on-line and off-line channels and media, it gets more and more complex. Yet to do the job properly, and for us this means focusing on the ratio between longer term customer value[…]