Building a CDP case

Most marketeers would like to have a customer data platform, but many struggle to build a business case for one.       

Do CDPs (customer data platforms) suck?

For those not entirely immersed in the jargon, what we now call a CDP we used to call a customer database, and after that a customer data warehouse, and then a single customer view.

Is building a single customer view a little like going to the gym?

You feel you ought to do it, but you don’t really know what benefits it will bring? Well, we find many of our clients facing a similar challenge. This is because the single customer view is essentially a means to an end, and the important question to answer is what tangible benefits can it unlock?[…]

Would your technology support GDPR compliance?

Can you tick our nine boxes to prove that it can? With GDPR less than a year way, and with a plethora of organisations offering GDPR advice on everything from ‘legitimate interest’ to ‘privacy statements’ , we would like to help by offering what we hope is clarity around one part of the GDPR preparation[…]

Are you having an identity crisis?

Back in the ‘70s it was de rigour for cool people to be undergoing an identity crisis, and this involved trying to fathom out who the hell one was, why one had been put on the planet in the first place, and what other people would make of one’s extraordinary persona. This malaise could continue[…]