Is it time to take a closer look at our customer data platform UniFida?

After nearly four years in the making, we have built cloud based technology for you that can solve a number of problems at an affordable price. Naturally if you already have a single customer view, and an effective solution for customer performance dashboards, data visualisation, CRM campaigns, and responding to GDPR requests, then please read[…]

Tech essentials for managing personal data post GDPR

We have tried to keep this at a very high level, but we wanted to share with you our thoughts on the minimum tech you will need. Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you need help, as we have an affordable, pre-packaged, cloud-hosted solution ready and waiting for you. GDPR Tech Essentials

Why marketers may still need to find a ‘true’ customer data platform?

With all the power of the major CRM packages, this may sound like a stupid question; but we have had multiple clients that use CRM vendors come to us recently because they are not getting the ‘true’ customer data platform, and hence single customer view, they need. And these clients come from very different sectors[…]