Nine stepping stones for a customer data pilgrim

For many, the journey from being a basic user of customer data, for example just providing lists for campaigns, to being a fully customer orientated organisation, is perceived as being full of risks, and traps for the unwary. As a result, the journey is often halted before it is even started. However, you are not[…]

Why most ‘CRM’ systems are not really what they claim to be!

On the surface CRM systems give the appearance of covering most things you might need when you are looking for technology to help you manage relationships with customers. But the reality is that they have been designed to only deliver the basics. Yes, they manage what they call ‘contacts’ but these are usually only matched[…]

Do CDPs (customer data platforms) suck?

For those not entirely immersed in the jargon, what we now call a CDP we used to call a customer database, and after that a customer data warehouse, and then a single customer view.

UniFida partners with Tableau for developing data insights at speed

Following a market review we have picked Tableau as UniFida’s data analysis partner. UniFida can build your customer data platform, whilst Tableau helps you understand it. Tableau has been labelled as a leader for a fifth consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for business intelligence. UniFida users will discover that they can seamlessly use[…]