Why most ‘CRM’ systems are not really what they claim to be!

On the surface CRM systems give the appearance of covering most things you might need when you are looking for technology to help you manage relationships with customers. But the reality is that they have been designed to only deliver the basics. Yes, they manage what they call ‘contacts’ but these are usually only matched[…]

Why marketers may still need to find a ‘true’ customer data platform?

With all the power of the major CRM packages, this may sound like a stupid question; but we have had multiple clients that use CRM vendors come to us recently because they are not getting the ‘true’ customer data platform, and hence single customer view, they need. And these clients come from very different sectors[…]

Marketing planning with true customer insight

How often do you find that marketing planning happens without having true customer insight in place? Few marketers attempt to plan without the support of some form of understanding of customer behaviour; nevertheless a very large proportion plan with partial, or more dangerously, unsound, insight support. This may be because the wrong questions have been asked[…]