September 1, 2015

UniFida Services

Standard package

Our standard package provides access to all of the common areas within UniFida, and includes ten user licences; each with their own dashboard area. See below for full details.

Free Proof of Concept  

  • Workshop to identify early ROI opportunities
  • Integration of your existing customer data (up to three data sources)
  • Initial dashboard reports
  • Name/address audit
UniFida standard package deliverables Key features included in the fixed monthly fee Core Optional
Total customer data integration Online, near real-time, managed single customer view Yes
·       Digital passport linking browser data to off-                   line sources
·       Customer data, transactional, browser and                     contact history (to include email opens, clicks,               bounces and unsubscribes)
·       Live dashboards reporting customers, sales,                   campaigns
·       Selection template
ADM – analytical data mart with engineered data Holds all your core customer information including engineered data in a single table Yes Options include first product bought, first order channel, product categories bought, propensity scores etc.
·       Standard design with bespoking options
·       Includes RFM, contact history, demographics, household identifiers, consents, segmentation
Dashboard reports A standard set of dashboard reports to cover e.g. Yes Bespoked dashboards by user type
·       Customer recruitment and attrition by RFM category
·       Sales by product category and fulfilment channel
·       Campaign results, by source codes and with match back
On-line selection capability Initial set up of  your standard campaigns across all channels Yes Use of UniFida’s advanced click and select campaign builder
·       Selection templates
·       Output formats
·       Contact history recording
Customer consents Managing consents to comply with GDPR Yes
·       Combining different consent sources on the single customer record
·       Advice on consent capture and maintenance
·       Supporting subject access requests and the right to be forgotten
Customer segmentation Building your RFM classification Yes Building bespoke segmentations for your business
Regular multi-client workshops To cover new developments, problem solving, sharing use examples Yes
Additional services Key Features Optional
Regular planning workshops To provide support for longer term marketing planning, customer selections, measuring response Yes and charged on a day rate
Address standardisation and suppression Many address files will contain imperfect or out of date addresses Yes and charged by volume
·       Initial data file audit (free)
·       Address standardisation and development of a match key
·       Relocations, gone-aways, and deceased suppressions
Acorn profiling Acorn profiling allocates customers to a category based on where they live Yes and charged by volume, on a per annum basis
·       Initial Acorn profile of your customers free
·       Overlay of Acorn codes on each individual customer record allows selection by socio-demographic type
Propensity and other multivariate models Building predictive models for e.g. likelihood to respond, or convert Yes and charged by the model
·       Propensity models can be built for many different stages in the sales funnel
·       Mainly used for selecting the most responsive for campaign activity
·       Once the models are built the scores are maintained on individual customers in the ADM
Idio content analysis and personalisation Idio have developed technology for categorising browsers by the types of content they view on your website Yes, and subject to a separate license to UniFida
·       Can be used for web-site personalisation
·       And for providing an individual set of content preferences to store in the ADM and to use for treatment selection
Web journey analysis We collect individual customers’ behaviour on your website: this can be analysed to explain sources of your web traffic and how the on-line sales funnel actually works Yes, and charged by resources required