August 18, 2015

The web performance accelerator


An affordable web analysis and insight proposition

  • Regular bespoke reports on the success of you website
  • Each report containing layers of interpretation, to inform your improvements
  • Our web insights are actionable and measureable; each month we show the results of the previous month’s changes
  • We keep you up-to-date with the latest technology and trends

Users, sessions and hits explained


Understanding customer journeys


The accelerator will work for your company

    • If you have
      • Reasonable levels of existing web traffic (e.g. >10,000 clicks per month)
      • Multiple sources of web traffic
      • Overstretched or no web analytics team
      • If you struggle to get the answers you need from Google Analytics
    • If you want to
      • Upgrade your traffic conversion levels
      • Understand the true ROI on external digital recruitment spend
      • Set and monitor digital performance goals

Examples of areas where we can explain and report on your site’s performance

      • Showing how much of the traffic is spam
      • Understanding visitors’ geography
      • Explaining where traffic is being generated and what value each source brings
      • Counting what visitors do on the site
      • Comparing actual performance metrics with your goals
      • Measuring the impact of site changes
      • Showing how customer engagement drives conversion