September 28, 2015

The non-virtual analyst


Your externally initiated, internally embedded, insight department      

  • Our typical client
    • Too small (or too small a need) to afford a full time senior insight departmental manger
    • But large enough to have regular and changing requirements for insight delivery
  • What we bring
    • 25 years experience of providing insight to clients
    • Highly skilled insight managers available part time
    • Support for developing your own infrastructure (tech tools and automation)
    • Recruitment, training and mentoring of internal staff
    • Hands on management of your insight department
    • Development of insight briefs and presentations
    • Top up external insight resources for load balancing
    • Financial accountability for the insight department
  • What is our process?
    • Initial understanding
      • Insight delivery requirements
      • Existing people and tools
    • Department development plan
      • Required outputs
      • Necessary technology infrastructure
      • People recruitment and development
  • What do we charge?
    • Fixed retainer for the part time senior insight departmental manager
    • Ad hoc day rates for externally provided insight resources

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