August 18, 2015

CAT – Contact Allocation Tool


Deciding who gets what, when, and how

Marketers with a substantial customer base are constantly challenged to take a customer view when it comes to deciding who should be receiving which communication when – yet most outbound communications are still planned as proposition led campaigns.

The purpose of CAT is to allocate communications to individuals based on their individual characteristics that maximise contribution, whilst respecting key constraints like contact density rules, segment offer rules, budget rules etc.

In addition to developing scenarios for single time periods, CAT enables marketers to plan communications through time, and hence build full direct marketing plans.

Key business uses of CAT

  • Optimising the value obtained from a marcoms budget
    • Running scenarios to test alternative strategies
    • Planning customer or prospect contacts over time
    • Making operational selections for direct communications
  • Suitable for any direct marketing company with
    • Customer or prospect volumes > 100,000
    • Multiple channels and or propositions to communicate
    • Sufficient data to develop response propensity models

The main steps in CAT’s contact optimisation

main steps in CAT

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