August 18, 2015

BAT – Budget Allocation Tool


Optimised scenarios for multi-channel marketing budget planning

BAT has been developed to help businesses understand how their marketing activities are driving their sales results, and to allocate marketing budgets optimally based on that knowledge.

Key business uses for BAT:

  • Optimising ROI from marketing spend (uplifts of 5-20%)
  • Challenging existing marketing budget allocations
  • Providing clarity around on-line and off-line attribution
  • Enabling rapid response to changing budgets and objectives
  • Saving planning resource through real-time scenario development
  • Providing an audit trial across all metrics and factors used

This technology combines high level channel based modelling with detailed campaign results information, to develop an overall budget performance model.


The major steps in BAT’s budget optimisation

bat process1

What BAT delivers

  • Optimised budget scenarios at a detailed planning level (e.g. channel and media) showing spend and value delivered for each activity
  • Budget scenarios that take account of your overall business objectives (e.g. optimising sales value), your business constraints (e.g. marketing budget), and detailed requirements (e.g. hitting new customer recruits targets)
  • Budget scenarios delivered in seconds with a full audit trail of all inputs used


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