Direct Commerce Awards Winner Muck Munchers Licenses UniFida


Bio-Gard Limited, the manufacturers of Muck Munchers, a specialised microbial waste water treatment for domestic septic tanks, has licensed UniFida to develop an integrated on-line and off-line single customer view.

Muck Munchers helps to keep septic tanks running freely using probiotic bacteria that digest all types of organic waste, eliminating unpleasant smells and ensuring fewer expensive pump-outs. Other products include Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach, an oxygen-based bleach that has positive effects in septic waste systems with none of the negative health and environmental impacts of chlorine bleaches.

Bio-Gard, the B2C Direct Commerce Awards Winner 2016, recruit Muck Munchers customers via multi-channel campaigns, ranging from press and magazine ads and inserts, to door-drops and direct mail, and have been looking for a fully-hosted multi-channel single customer view technology that would support customer CRM, including campaign results analysis, and direct mail and email selections. UniFida will also be used to link online browsing activities to off-line purchase behaviour.

Martin Harvey, founder of Muck Munchers says ‘Cloud-based UniFida is the best value intuitive data marketing tool I can find to drive continued high levels of growth’.

Article published in Direct Commerce Magazine