December 12, 2016

Delivering data science

  • Understanding customer behaviour
  • Analysing marketing performance

Our team of professional data scientists, headed by Anthony Antoniou, deliver results to clients across a wide range of industries including on-line marketing, home shopping, life insurance, pensions, property management, Premier League and Championship football clubs, and media.

Example projects we have undertaken include:

  • Analysing longer term customer value delivered by different recruitment channels for a furniture retailer
  • Developing targeting tools and a conversion probability calculator for a global BtoB salesforce selling e-invoicing
  • Undertaking multi-channel marketing mix optimisation based on historic campaign performance and inter-channel halo effects for a life insurance company
  • Attributing market research results onto a bank’s customer base to improve risk prediction
  • Building propensity models in conjunction with an RFM segmentation for a multi-million home shopping customer base
  • Developing a customer segmentation based on loyalty card data for a major bookseller
  • Analysing how to use web browser information to increase catalogue response for a gifts retailer
  • Predicting risk of customer attrition for a pension provider

What our clients have said about us:

‘Berry Thompson are rigorous data scientists. Since we commissioned them, they have given us a deep understanding of the trends in visitor traffic for Covent Garden, and have tied together data from multiple sources into a series of comprehensive and comprehendible reports.They manage to keep our business objectives in front of mind whilst also attending to the minutiae of the data they are handling’.Chris Denness, Director of Asset Management, Capco

‘In a world where so many analytics companies just scratch the surface of the business issue,what sets this team apart is their desire to truly understand their client’s business (in our case Life Insurance)’. William Trump, Customer Behaviour Consultant, Swiss Re