August 25, 2015

MSP’s multi-client user system development


The Situation
Our client is a marketing service provider historically servicing small to medium sized home shopping companies by managing list rental, and CRM campaigns.
Their aim was to enhance their offering providing data processing, data management, and MI reporting through a user friendly web based front end.


The Client’s Business Goals

  • To have a best of class marketing software tool that is designed specifically for home shopping clients
  • To ensure that the tool is user friendly so that business owners do not require training to use it
  • Integrate data processing jobs within the tool, but keeping within the simplified manor
  • Enable supplier side analysts to access the data to build models etc, that could then be used within the tool
  • Provide bespoke dashboards and reports that give the tool its own USP
  • Build an internal team to maintain the product

Our solution

  • We undertook an extensive design stage to identify all of the components that could be integrated.
    These were then reduced down to a set of functional requirements
  • We consulted widely within the client to establish and agree the key business priorities for
    the development of these functions
  • Before undertaking any development for any given function we provided a through brief that could be
    understood by both the development team and other stakeholders. Each of our briefs was designed with the end user in mind.
  • We set up a mixed team of the client’s and our own analysts and developers, interviewing new candidates for our client.
  • The joint team then built, and continue to build, tools against these priorities

Key benefits

  • Given there was no internal team to start we could provide adhoc access to a mixture of consultant,
    analytical and development resource. This meant that we could provide the right advice straight away
  • As our clients internal team grew we could scale our resource to need to ensure a cost efficient solution
  • The user interface was simplified and specific to home shopping allowing, which meant that our client
    could services all of their clients with the same system; whilst focusing on relevant issues
  • We have been able to withdraw from a day to day support role and are only engaged on
    new initiative