September 5, 2016

Championship Football Club uses UniFida to understand supporter engagement


Executive Summary

This Championship Club had data about supporters held in five different systems. We used UniFida to build a ‘single supporter view’ which meant that the club could see clearly what each supporter was doing. Multiple insights immediately became available including the frequency with which individual supporters attended matches, and the extent to which tickets were used as gifts.

Business Goals

  • To support development of the website, and improve the levels of supporter engagement across key activities, including web browsing, season and single ticket purchase, and merchandise purchasing
  • To improve response by managing communications (mainly email) by supporter type, and also to control the number of communications received by each supporter
  • To enable profiling of different supporter groups to enable recruitment and retention strategies to be developed

The UniFida solution

Central to the UniFida proposition is the development of a digital passport for each supporter; this is built by incorporating a number of different identifiers into the single supporter view. Supporters can be identified by their email, mobile, home address, supporter number and cookie ID.

By building the digital passports, data from many different sources can be matched together. In this case a total of 693k input records from five systems were matched down to 213k individual supporters.

UniFida can match in data files on an almost real-time basis, and hence use the latest available data to inform dashboards. These have been set up to cover:

  • Ticket and merchandise transactions
  • Email contact density
  • On-line browser activity
  • Engagement measures across multiple activities


Example dashboard reports

example dashboard report 1

A report that shows the proportion of ticket buyers  who went to the five most recent matches

example dashboard report 2

A contact density report showing the numbers of supporters receiving between one and five emails


Understanding who buys tickets as gifts

This was important if valuable ticket donors are to be treated differently tothose who are invited as guests. However, the ticketing system was not able to identify who was buying tickets for themselves or other people. Within UniFida we were able to identify these different groups and discovered that 65% of tickets were held by self-purchasers, 13% by donor purchasers, and 21% received as gifts.


Key benefits derived from UniFida

  • Provides a single view of each individual supporter across all on-line and off-line activity, allowing insight to be developed that can predict sales opportunities and those at risk of attrition
  • This knowledge also allows for more effective supporter recruitment
  • And enables targeted communications with increased response and less wastage

As well as the development of the website to reflect supporter interests and increase engagement