What is the biggest reason for firms wanting to comply with GDPR?

It is in fact the need to meet customer expectations, and not, as many of us would have thought, the fear of legal action.

This is the result of a recent survey by TrustArc to over 600 UK and US companies. See the full July 2018 survey here.

Focussing on customer expectations, what we suspect customers actually want is a simple way to access the data that companies hold on them. Check and adjust their consents, and if necessary exercise the right to be forgotten.

If you can give customers this option by using a simple click through from your website, you will be taking the lead in this important aspect of the customer experience.

And it is with this in mind that we have built this capability into UniFida, our cloud-based customer data platform technology. So when we are connected to your website and customers have authenticated themselves, they can self-serve all the necessary GDPR functionality.

It’s not magic, it’s just technology!