Web performance accelerator

Are you getting the insight you need into your website’s performance?

Given that your website is a core customer recruitment tool you need to know in detail how it’s performing for you, and how it is responding to the changes you make to it.

This means being able to have answers to questions like:

  • What is the ROI on my spend with Google PPC?
  • Where are the worst parts of the site for loosing browsers?
  • Do people using each type of access device (tablet, desk-top, mobile) get the equivalent experience?
  • Am I improving the level of browser engagement?
  • Do I remove spam traffic from my performance reports?
  • What is the contribution of each source of browser traffic?

At Berry Thompson we have a service called the ‘web performance accelerator’. It includes a monthly bespoke written report, completed by one of our analysts; and aimed at helping you get answers to questions like these and many more.