We can keep on inventing spanners but we need you to tell us which nuts you need us to tighten!

We hope that you have enjoyed our multifarious newsletters in 2016, and that we can continue to bring you interest and stimuli in 2017.

And now for the big favour!

What would really help us steer our ship as we approach the year end would be if you could tell us what the key New Year’s issues are for which you want resolution in 2017 (at least those in your marketing work life!) so that we can aim to continue making the right kind of ‘spanners’ for you.

We expect you often find that there is a vast gap between the vendor claimed ‘speed of light’ pace of development of technology and data science tools being promoted to marketers, and the actual practical problems that real marketers are trying to solve. And we need you to help us bridge that gap.

So, if you can spare us a couple of minutes, and tell us about some of those real issues, this could be a ‘win win’ for both of us.

Please send your list of key issues to info@berry-thompson.com