Solving the challenge of allocating recruitment budgets

For many organisations this is the time of year when the recruitment budget allocation process gets careful consideration, and with the multitude of available on-line and off-line channels and media, it gets more and more complex.

Yet to do the job properly, and for us this means focusing on the ratio between longer term customer value achieved and recruitment spend to bring them in (rather than cost per acquisition) some detailed analysis is required of the longer-term customer value delivered by the different tactics.

We have attached a case study of a recent exercise we did for a multi-channel financial services intermediary. It transformed the way they allocated their recruitment budget and made a very substantial difference to the profitability of their business.

The approach could however be applied in almost any industry where different channels recruit different types of customer at different cost, and where the value derived from different types of customer varies considerably.

Read the case study here.