It’s now open season for you to receive your subject access requests!

Are you ready? With the potential influx of SAR’s, will you have to appoint dedicated people to deal with these requests, or can your existing technology handle it?

Many organisations do not currently manage their data processing in a way that enables them to see all the data for a specific individual at a glance. And if they have sought consent from customers to process data, often the records are out of date or do not meet GDPR standards.

Dealing with subject access requests (SARs) manually will be challenging and potentially expensive. But we have built a cloud based, moderately priced, practical GDPR solution for you.

It’s called UniFida and it’s a customer data platform technology with easy and quick access to all the data held on any given individual. It’s also a means for storing consents that is GDPR compliant, and for fulfilling requests to be forgotten.