Is building a single customer view a little like going to the gym?

You feel you ought to do it, but you don’t really know what benefits it will bring?

Well, we find many of our clients facing a similar challenge. This is because the single customer view is essentially a means to an end, and the important question to answer is what tangible benefits can it unlock?

The benefits are going to be different for every organisation that introduces one. So we have developed a benefits evaluator to help prompt you with many of the areas where the single customer view can help you.

It’s just a spreadsheet with nineteen rows, but it should help you evaluate whether the cost and effort is worthwhile. If you would like to see this please CLICK

And just in case you decide you want to progress with developing a customer data platform and single customer view, please consider talking to us. We have a very affordable cloud based solution that combines on-line and off-line data; it also provides all the technology you need for GDPR! (See