in case your SCV-tech is not up to GDPR compliance

Last week we sent you a challenge – a set of nine questions so that you could check if your SCV-tech was ready for GDPR (if you missed them click Would your technology support GDPR compliance? for a refresh).

This week we want to offer you a way forward!

We have a very affordable cloud based SCV (single customer view solution), that can sit alongside your existing website and systems, and give you all the functionality you require for GDPR.

It’s called Unifida and it can do a great deal more besides (see but for now we just want to give you a summary of what it can do for GDPR:

–    Joins together all the data you hold for each individual and builds the SCV
–    Records consents and opt-outs when received via any channel
–    Translates these into rules that inform what you may, or may not do, with each individual’s data
–    Helps you manage inbound calls when your customers call in to check their consents, or change them, or ask for a copy of their data to be sent to them, or to have it amended
–    And when they exercise the right to be forgotten you have a ‘forget me’ button to press
–    When you press that button, you are shown where-else their personal data is held in your upstream systems, so that you track it down and delete it at source
–    And finally, you can set up rules for bulk anonymisation of customer data when you have kept it for as long as it serves a useful purpose

All good? So, the next step is to let you see Unifida working with live data.

We can talk to you first by phone and quote you a cost, or we can set up an on-line demo, or we can arrange to come to see you.

Just email to let us know what you would like, and a couple of convenient dates and time