Do you find a log-jam around getting your data science projects completed?

We find that, for many companies we talk to, there is a growing gap between getting the customer and marketing analyses you need, and what is actually being delivered.

There may be many different causes, but the biggest by far is shortage of sufficient skilled internal resource.

Given the importance of data science in helping you make the right marketing decisions, from predicting what individual customers want, to assessing the effectiveness of your different areas of marketing spend, this is not something you can be content to allow to continue.

To help clients resolve this, we are now providing virtual data science resourcing. In essence, what we can provide for your company is;

  • A named flesh and blood data scientist
  • For 1-3 days each week
  • Who is an extension of your company
  • but working in our offices and as part of our team
  • who is managed by a business consultant who takes your briefs
  • and mentors the data scientist
  • as well as quality assuring the output

This allows you to outsource, with the confidence that work will be done to the highest standards, and that you can increase or decrease the amount of guaranteed resource available.

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