consider setting up your on-line customers’ privacy dashboard

On October 3 this year the GDPR Data Protection Working Party issued some very interesting guidelines on ‘automated individual decision making and profiling’ and these have recently been circulated by the ICO.

There is no bad news in the guidelines for most marketers who are using profiling, as long as we make it very clear to our customers what we are doing, give them the right to opt out from it, and make any profiles we have developed available when someone asks for access to their data.

There are however a number of prohibitions, particularly when profiling is used to support automated decision making that has a ‘legal or similarly significant effect’ without any parallel human intervention.

However, there is a very interesting section in the good practice recommendations. This suggests that ‘Controllers should consider introducing on-line preference management tools such as a privacy dashboard. This gives data subjects the option of managing what is happening to their information across a number of different services – allowing them to alter settings, update their personal details, and review or edit their profile to correct any inaccuracies’.

We are planning to provide an on-line privacy dashboard as part of UniFida, our customer data platform, and would be very interested to get feedback on whether you expect this to become part of normal expectations for consumers, and something that you are thinking of providing. To give us feedback please email

If you would like to see our two page summary of the guidelines please CLICK