Can you escape from analysis paralysis?

For many marketeers, a significant part of their day is spent pulling together reports from disparate data sources, and then trying to extract from them the metrics they need to unravel how their marketing is actually working, usually with varying degrees of success.

Well, if you are one of these people, we have a means of escape!

You may recall that our cloud-based customer data platform, called UniFida, neatly joins together all your online and offline customer information and builds a single customer view. It undertakes identity resolution, and links browsing and ordering activity to individual people.

We originally designed this tool to enable you to send very personalised communications to individual customers.

But it also allows us to provide you with a complete set of marketing performance metrics. Serendipity happens!

The metrics we produce cover what we expect are your key concerns:
– Customer metrics to tell you about customer acquisition, retention, and longer-term value.
– Campaign metrics to provide you with the results of all your direct communications with known individuals.
– And media metrics to show you how each of your media channels are contributing to the orders you are receiving (including social, display, PPC, email, mail, and SMS)

We recognise that you may not at this point in time need the whole suite of UniFida functionality, but you may be interested in UniFida Marketing Metrics as a standalone module.

We believe that it can give you nearly all the metrics you need to manage your marketing at a very reasonable cost (and with us taking care of all the set up and configuration).

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