Building a CDP case

Most marketeers would like to have a customer data platform, but many struggle to build a business case for one.                                        

Clearly the benefits that come from introducing a customer data platform, and an associated single customer view, derive from many stages in the customer relationship and from several different areas of the business. This helps to explain why assembling them together to justify the cost of ownership can be complicated.

As providers of cloud-based customer data platform technology we have decided to try to make things easier for you.

We are offering our time, up to five days of it, to help you develop your business case for a customer data platform. We won’t be inventing any numbers, but we will be helping to point you in the direction of where the benefits are coming from, and assisting you in quantifying them.

Interested? Then please click here to get the full details of our offer and also to see an example spreadsheet showing some of the areas where benefit may be found.

And lastly on the offers page you will also find an interesting article from Martech Advisors concerning the six crucial questions to build your customer data platform business case.