Are you losing customers to your competition?

Are you leaving the competition an open door through which they can capture your best customers?                                                  

Most organisations will protest that they are not, and a sizeable proportion of these will be wrong!

The reason is the gap that often exists between how customers expect that they should be treated, and the reality of what actually happens.

Let us give you some examples:

– We know of one company that sends its entire customer file an identical email a hundred times a year
– and a second that takes at least a month between recruiting a new customer and sending them a welcome catalogue
– a third that gives up on customers who have not been active in the last two years
– a fourth that can’t distinguish between a currently dormant but previously valuable customer who is browsing on their website, and an unknown punter
– and a fifth who doesn’t understand the longer-term value provided by customers from different recruitment channels

To start to put things right we usually find that all areas of the organisation that have responsibility for some aspect or another of looking after customers need to put their hands up, and agree that things are not going as well as they might.

At this point, with luck, a consensus will start to emerge that something needs to be done to fix the problem; this will usually involve introducing some kind of technology that takes an holistic view of customers and how they are interacting with you.

If you feel the need to mobilise your organisation in this direction, and make it properly customer centric, then we are here to help.