A guide to solving the marketer’s recruitment budget optimisation problem

For many senior marketers, managing the customer recruitment budget is one of the biggest challenges they face. This white paper explains a new approach, based on practical experience in a number of different vertical markets; and which relies on first understanding the whole multi-channel recruitment ecosystem, and then modelling how the different components act and interact to bring new customers on board. Only at this point can technology that runs and optimises budget scenarios be usefully introduced.

A BtoC recruitment budget ecosystem will often cover a number of channels, some of which are broadly independent, (like TV whose impact is not the consequence of spend in other channels), and others that are very dependant (like Google’s PPC which often acts more as a fulfilment channel). Some campaigns are direct to known consumers, whose responses can be tracked, and others are targeted but indirect, like digital display where you don’t know whom you are going to attract. Some are off-line and some are on-line, although we find this distinction less important than the way in which cause and effect is to be tracked for each channel.

Fig.1 Showing typical components in a recruitment marketing ecosystem

At Berry Thompson we have developed a five step process that will deliver the capability to run realistic recruitment budget scenarios across multiple channels taking account of the inter-reactions between them. This brief white paper explains that process, the inputs required and the outputs expected.