Nine stepping stones for a customer data pilgrim

For many, the journey from being a basic user of customer data, for example just providing lists for campaigns, to being a fully customer orientated organisation, is perceived as being full of risks, and traps for the unwary. As a result, the journey is often halted before it is even started. However, you are not[…]

Are you losing customers to your competition?

Are you leaving the competition an open door through which they can capture your best customers?                                                   Most organisations will protest that they are not, and a sizeable proportion of these will[…]

Online order attribution now available in UniFida

UniFida can now provide a reporting feature that attributes on-line orders to paid and unpaid media. This enables marketers to view for any specified time period the ROI obtained from each category of paid media. click through to .ppt ‘UniFida online attribution’

Out now – The Marketers Customer Data Platform Resource Book

Berry Thompson have released a new book, The Marketers Customer Data Platform Resource Book This concise guide to customer data platforms has been written to help marketers who are thinking about investing in one better understand what capabilities it can deliver, and what financial benefits it can bring “Customer data platforms are widely recognised as important[…]