Want to dump cost per click?

Part of the problem is that, as the report explains, marketeers are under constant pressure to make decisions quickly; they have frequent budget allocation discussions and need to base decisions on something.

Can you escape from analysis paralysis?

For many marketeers, a significant part of their day is spent pulling together reports from disparate data sources, and then trying to extract from them the metrics they need

Nine stepping stones for a customer data pilgrim

For many, the journey from being a basic user of customer data, for example just providing lists for campaigns, to being a fully customer orientated organisation, is perceived as being full of risks, and traps for the unwary. As a result, the journey is often halted before it is even started. However, you are not[…]

Are you losing customers to your competition?

Are you leaving the competition an open door through which they can capture your best customers?                                                   Most organisations will protest that they are not, and a sizeable proportion of these will[…]