August 21, 2017

30/05/2017 How does your digital marketing performance stack up?

Online and Mobile are now, by far, the lowest cost channels through which to communicate with your customers. The costs to deliver are a mere fraction of direct mail costs and their additional ability to support real-time, reactive and timely trigger communications, heavily trumps more laborious traditional outbound channels

However, there are fundamental challenges associated with these new channels:

  • Low app penetration and conversion rates and poor email address population levels amongst existing customers can often limit their reach.
  • Whilst lower effectiveness per contact on one hand, and lower volumes associated with more highly targeted trigger communications, often bring a penalty of lower absolute sales volumes.

Notwithstanding all this, marketing budget pressures and radical changes in consumers’ shopping habits still make digital & online essential priority channels for 2017, but the challenges they bring to a business in terms of the need for new processes & skills, and for cultural re-shaping, have not always been fully faced up to.

The net result is that the approach to exploiting these new channels by businesses often turns out to be more organic than strategic, with the resulting performance below expectations much to the frustration of everyone involved from the marketer to the CMO.

So if the challenges of “doing digital” are certainly significant, however, the rewards of doing it well are substantial. Greater personalisation, visit optimisation, real-time presentation of offers, new forms of loyalty, the chance to communicate through every touch-point, speed to market, tactical flexibility and seamless processes will guarantee both lower costs and substantially higher sales.

Help is at hand!

We are pleased to announce that Double Jump, Coniak Ltd and Berry-Thompson have all joined forces and combined their complementary skills, experience and expertise to create a brand new service to help you face up to the new challenges, to identify areas of opportunity for you in the digital/online space and to work closely with you to exploit them.

Our new service is called Digital Marketing Performance Benchmarking (DMPB):

The service is based on our first class credentials in the digital space.

Please check us out & see how your digital marketing performance measures up by filling in our Digital Benchmarking Questionnaire at