August 21, 2017

03/03/2015 Marketing planning with true customer insight

Have you joined all the dots?

How often do you find thatmarketing planning happens without having true customer insight in place?

Few marketers attempt to plan without the support of some form of understanding of customer behaviour; nevertheless a very large proportion plan with partial, or more dangerously, unsound, insight support.

This may be because the wrong questions have been asked of the support analyst, but also because the customer data has not been assembled to enable consistent insight results.

Useful requests for insight stem from the need to make better planning decisions: e.g.

– picking the right mix of digital marketing spend requires an understanding of how to attribute digital sales back to customer journeys

– undertaking a successful CRM upsell campaign needs knowledge about when, why, and which customers repeat purchase

And customer data is not always easy to ‘assemble’; it may be residing in multiple silos, updated at different time frequencies, and with no universal match-key to tie it all together. Very few organisations achieve a true single customer view.

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