August 21, 2017

08/11/2016 Do you need more than a satnav to navigate the tech,media, and data landscape?

Coming across this extraordinary map of the marketing technology tools available today made me wonder how anyone ever made the right technology choices. However a survey by Chiefmartech conducted by Walker Sands in 2017 put my mind partially at rest.

Even though it’s important to have ‘the best of breed technology stack’, what are seen as being the two most critical factors for success are:

  • Organizational vision and the capabilities we apply to them
  • Better analytics

In other words it’s how we use the tools that matters.

At Berry Thompson we have taken all this one step further, and decided to launch a new service we have called Market Accelerator.

Market Accelerator has been set up to help medium sized companies:

  • Navigate the tech, media and data landscape
  • Select the marketing assets they need to reach their sales goals
  • Harness their on-line and off-line marketing activities
  • Grow lead generation and conversion

We have assembled a small group of experts who can bring deep expertise to bear on your company, and who can, for a moderate and fixed fee, work with you to build a marketing development plan.

Something a bit more useful than a satnav to help you steer in the right direction!

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